We collect and deliver your parcels securely and make sure that you do not waste any time and that your parcel is delivered on time. Just provide us with the required sender and recipient information and the time when you want your parcel delivered and we will see to its collection and delivery. The service is available both within Athens and outside of it.

Contact us to give us the information mentioned below or alternatively fill in the form below and call us to confirm the information to avoid any mistakes



Μercedes Benz Taxi pays attention to the business life of its clients and offers integrated solutions both for Greek and for foreign companies. We take care that your journey to your destination is smooth and relaxing so that you do not get tired and you can better cope with your business demands. Upon request we can wait for our client and bring him back. Transportation from and to your company. Based on your request, the transportation can be daily or on particular days specified by you.
Note: Special prices for companies, groups of companies, etc.



We are here to help you avoid driving in the traffic jam of Athens and looking for a parking in its busy streets. We take you to your destination and can wait for you to finish your work or meeting to drive you back.




Acting according to the humanistic philosophy of our company we are of course willing to take you to any hospital and/or doctor, wait for you and then return you back home. The same applies also to disabled persons.
Note: Special rates for disabled persons.



We undertake the transportation of your beloved children to and from school, private lessons, parties, nights out, sport activities as well as any other activity and we do so in a sense of high responsibility and of course in the safest way.



Some events in our lives are unique and we want them to be unforgettable. Some happy moments that we do not want to fade away as time passes by. Μercedes Benz Taxi knows how significant such events are and is able to offer integrated solutions both for you and for your guests. Call our customer support hotline to learn more about the services that our company and our cooperating firms can offer for the happiest day of your life.



We can meet all your needs, even those that seemed extremely difficult to other companies.
We have especially made cars and we can ensure that your pets will reach their destination safely, both when accompanied by their owners and when they travel unaccompanied.



Athens is the capital of the Prefecture of Athens, the Region of Athens as well as the whole of Greece. It is located in the Central Greece and constitutes a robust economic, cultural and administrative centre of the country. The city was named after the Goddess Athena, which was the city’s patron. Nowadays, Athens is a modern, but also famous city, due to the crucial role that the city played in the antiquity as a city-state. Today it is a very important cultural centre and is considered the most historic city in Europe. It is worldwide famous for its historical monuments which have survived, though only partially, the lapse of many centuries. The port city of this historical city was the port of Piraeus.

Ancient Greece referred to Athens in plural as «Athinai» and in the 19th century this name was once again the official name of the city. In the 1970s, when the use of the “Katharevousa” (i.e. a puristic dialect combining modern and ancient Greek) was abolished, the city acquired its current name “Athena”, i.e. Athens.

The city covers an area of 412,000,000 square meters located between four mountains: Mount Aegaleo, Mount Parnitha, Mount Penteli and Mount Hymettus. The population of Athens reaches almost 1/3 of the total population of Greece and according to the census of 2001 it amounts to 3,361,806 people. This means that in every square km live 8,160 individuals. The city centre lies 20 m above sea level and the morphology of the Athens plain presents a great variety that includes both hills and some mountainous areas.

Athens is highly urbanized and quite expensive; still it offers some beautiful parks and forests in the nearby mountains. During the past few years many projects were implemented aiming mainly at solving the problems arising by this metropolitan development philosophy. Consequently Athens tries to follow the development model of many other well-known metropolises around the globe.

Entrust yourselves to our company and let us guide you and your children or friends in Athens. Visit some archaeological sites, museums, zoos (Attica Zoo) and enjoy your shopping in some of the city’s malls (Athens Mall, Athens Golden Hall) or make a gift to your kids by sending them to the famous amusement park "Allou Fun Park".




Road cruises are a solution for those travellers cruising the Mediterranean, who only have a few hours stopover in Greece.

Use those hours to visit the country’s attractions in a way that protects you from the sun and the heat and allows you to enjoy your coffee. The only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy the magnificent Greek cultural inheritance.

Enjoy the Acropolis, the ancient city of Plaka, the Propylaia, the Temple of Zeus, the Mount of Lycabettus, the Syntagma Square, the Zappeion Hall, the Omonia Square, the Royal Gardens and many more.

Please inform us how long you wish your road cruise to last and our chauffeur will set up a route enabling you to see as many attractions as possible.

After the end of the tour, we will bring you back to the port to continue your journey taking with you many nice memories.

Our chauffeur will wait for your flight to arrive so that he can recognise and pick you up. Our partners are informed online on the exact time of your arrival as well as of any delays.

Your chauffeur will hold a sign with your name on it and the only thing you need to do is walk over to your chauffeur.
Please book your road cruise two days in advance to ensure availability.

Chauffeured tours are a way to admire the beautiful attractions of Greece in a relaxed atmosphere and based solely on your personal preferences.

During such tours the client can define the parameters of the tour himself: arrange stops at any place, stay longer or less than scheduled and in general plan a customised trip the way that suits him the best.

Below we mention some of the places that we can drive you to.



  • Holy Monastery of Malevi
  • Holy Monastery of Hosios Loukas
  • Church of St. Ioannis Rossos in Euboea
  • Ski Resort of Menalos
  • Ski Resort of Seli
  • Ski Resort of "3 -5 Pigadia"
  • Ski Resort of Lailia
  • Ski Resort of Pagaio-Kavala
  • Ski Resort of AEGEAN - Kaimaktsalan PElla
  • Ski Resort of Falakro - Drama
  • Ski Resort of Karpenisi
  • Ski Resort of Chelmos - Kalavrita
  • Ski Resort of Dirfios
  • Ski Resort of Vasilitsa
  • Ski Resort of Parnassos
  • Ski Resort of Pertouli
  • Ski Resort of Pelion
  • Ski Resort of Metsovo
  • Private Ski Resort of Elafi
  • Ski Resort of Florinas
  • Ski Resort of Elatochori
  • Ski Resort of Vitsi


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